Masterbrewer, Consultant and Educator to breweries, wineries, cideries, meads, maple syrup wines, vinegars and all other alcoholic and non alcohol beverages such as fruit juices, kombucha, kefir and energy drinks. He is also recognized as an expert in quality control program implementation for the food and the beverage industry. Michel obtained a B.Sc. in Food Sciences in 1972 and started his career with Kraft Foods, in Bulk Cheese Production. Labatt made him an offer with career potential that could not be refused. Michel is a well known Brewmaster, having spent 22 years at Labatt Breweries refining his expertise and making significant contributions to Labatt and the Brewing Industry, both nationally and internationally in : Quality Control Environmental Protection Pollution Prediction and Control Microbiological analysis Research and Development Brewery training course People management Leading for results Michel co-founded Maska Laboratories in 1996 and act as president of this company until April 2009 when he sold his shares to his associate. He founded with his spouse Carmen Ouellette a new company: CarMic Consultation inc. Michel was the past President of the Master Brewers Association of the Americas (Eastern Canada) and also the past President of the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology.