Technical support to the fermented and non fermented beverage industries : Beverages Process and Package Beverages Equipment Procurement Plant Trouble Shoot and Audits Start-Up operation Plant microbiological audition Quality program implementation HACCP implementation Process optimization Process cost reduction Yield improvement General consultation (layout, problem solving, etc) MEANINGFULL ACCOMPLISHMENTS Recipient of the honorary trophy of the most essential brewery partner at the Gala Reconnaissance 2014 of the Association des Microbrasseies du Québec. Technical consultation for a major brewery in Panama with over one million hectoliters of capacity (reduction of beer oxidation, improvement of the beer taste, cost reduction initiatives for CO2 purchases, taste panel implementation, beer stability improvement, water deaeration project) Quality program implementation for several cider makers, beer, mead and wine producers in Quebec in accordance to a grant from the MAPAQ (critical points from raw materials to finish product, cleaning program etc) Production assistance for a carbonated apple juice manufacturer (instoring QC program, pasteurization program, in-place cleaning, bottling line configuration) Brewing Material Efficiency improvement:  From 95 to 98% at the Labatt Toronto plant 1n 1998 for an annual saving of 150,000 $. A multidisciplinary team training program was implemented through a series of brewing courses adapted to solve in-plant quality and process deviation; From 78% to 90% at the RJ Regional microbrewery in Montreal in 2003 for an annual saving of 65,000 $. Successful start up operation of several brewpubs, microbreweries and ciderhouses which included the implementation of a quality, process and cleaning program. Technical supports to several microbreweries in Canada, Switzerland, Turks and Caicos and US (problem solving on analytical and microbiological deviations, new recipe formulation, yield improvement, yeast manipulation, process improvements, quality control implementation) Elimination of an off-flavor problem in a microbrewery in Quebec (estery note: ethyl caproate) by a process audit (fish bone method) through experimentation and training. Kaizen ; Japanese method of Continuous Improvement Process (practical experience on the kegging line (just in time, no inventory, lost time reduction, quick change over (SMED)). The Kaizen was then applied successfully on a bottling line to meet the same objectives. Microbiological contamination elimination in breweries in Quebec, in British Columbia, in Ontario and in Newfoundland by a structured microbiological audit system implementation. Quality control implementation; Responsible of a multidisciplinary task force to achieve an alkalinity control over the sparging water to meet 10 to 15 mg / L for fermentation uniformity and reduction of husk leaching. Yield loss reduction ; Initiated a zero loss program which reached its target of reducing yield losses from 7 - 10% to 4 - 5 % (continuous improvement process) in two months with an annual saving of over 350,000 $. Improved the accuracy of predicting the measurement of alcohol content from different recipes from an error of 2 to 3 % to zero percent leading to a net saving of over 300,000$ annually. Productivity improvement ; Improved productivity through the reduction of 4 operators and 1 electrician resulting in an increase in production to 44 hectoliters per man-hour from 33. 5 day brewing course on brewing stability (critical points); Initiator of a 5 day brewing course on beer stability divided in four areas: Microbiological beer stability Non biological beer stability Flavor stability Foam stability